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Horseradish ... FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #6

Horseradish  ... FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #6

Horseradish root ... FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #6

The list of what horseradish is purported to do is as long as your arm. It’s been used to treat UTI’s, respiratory and sinus infections, colic, nerve pain, coughs, gout, arthritis and, ahem, intestinal worms. Clinical trials also suggest it may be as effective as antibiotics in some cases, and it won’t wipe out your good gut bacteria in the process. Much of the fresh horseradish we use in fire tonic is grown at Hilbilby HQ, the rest is local.

Ginger ... FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #5

Ginger  ... FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #5

Ginger [root] ... FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #5

Mmmmm ... ginger, ginger, ginger ... one of my favourite spices.
This rhizome is closely related to turmeric and has an active compound called "gingerol" which has long been used as a digestive aid, an anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, and an anti-oxidant ... it is also thought to lower blood sugar levels, lower LDL cholesterol levels & lower blood pressure.
Only the best fresh QLD ginger like this [pictured] for our FIRE TONIC ®

Chillies ... FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #4

Chillies  ... FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #4

C H i L L i E S ... FIRE TONIC ®  ingredient #4

Another nutritional heavyweight, chillies have been used to treat arthritis pain, lower blood pressure, boost metabolism and regulate blood sugar. Capsaicin, the active component in cayenne, is a key ingredient in many OTC pain and arthritis medications. Basically this hella hot spice interrupts pain signals to the brain, lessening symptoms. 
Capsaicin has also been linked to decreasing the risk of diabetes, lowering blood pressure and treating heart disease and research into its anti inflammatory properties shows great promise. This is one of the elements that add the 'fire' to FIRE TONIC ® , clear the nose & wakes up your metabolism.
Burn baby burn.