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BLACK is the new BLACK

BLACK is the new BLACK

Big News ... we are now producing our 6 month steeped, XXX Hot, Black Label, Premium Master Tonic from our new H.Q. in Baines Cres Torquay.

Premium Front 

This is the crème de la crème of Master Tonic & the perfect morning [metabolic] boost with some extra kick.

Previously we've been restricted to making only 50 bottles per batch, hence the $30 price tag, now with the benefit of scale, we're able to reduce the RRP to $25. Given that you'll enjoy a similar effect from less of this Juju than either our Original OR Vegan tonics, the black Label stacks up pretty well 'value wise'.

If you'd like to have a 'crack at the black', make sure you ask your local Fire Tonic retailer to get it in else you can buy online here.