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NEW Vegan Fire Tonic & New Labels!

NEW Vegan Fire Tonic & New Labels!

You asked…and boy, did we answer!  We are super stoked to announce all

*NEW* Vegan Fire Tonic!

It’s got the same gut boosting benefits and blow ya’ head off kick that you’d expect from Hilbilby Cultured Food Fire Tonic, but this tonic is sweetened with coconut nectar instead of honey! With a fresh green label, our latest offering is available online now HERE

Vegan Fire Tonic


NEW labels for Original Fire Tonic!

Don’t worry, we haven’t messed with your brew, we’ve just updated the labels so that they’re even hotter!  How much goodness can we jam into 180ml?  A lot!   And our new labels make it even easier to see what’s in store for you. Get it HERE


XXX  Black Label Premium Fire Tonic

This shiz is hardcore!  The Black Label Premium tonic is like the original formula only triple strength.  Steeped for a minimum of six months with extra chillies and Szechuan peppers this tonic is not for the faint hearted. If you’re ready to level up in life, order online HERE

Black Label Fire Tonic

New Look Fire Sauce

Ready to get saucy? Once the original fire tonic is racked off, all the good stuff (fruit, roots & shoots) is blitzed up into our delicious Raw Fire Sauce!  Unlike traditional hot sauces which often rely just on chillies for heat, our zesty Fire Sauce is complex; think hints of turmeric, horseradish, chilli, black peppercorns and more.  Perfect for white fish, steak, fatty pork sausages, eggs, chicken or as a marinade, salad dressing or in an aioli to spice things up, this product is your HOT & SAUCY all-rounder!  Get yours HERE

Fire Sauce Fire Tonic


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