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We got FIRED UP at the Wellness Summit 2016!

We got FIRED UP at the Wellness Summit 2016!


Mark and Nicole get ready to greet the masses!

It's safe to say that a good time was had by all at the latest Wellness Summit at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. With a record breaking 900 attendees and so many amazing exhibitors the vibe was pumping and the energy high for the amazing event. The Wellness Couch hosted a truly stellar event this year, and we were so stoked to be a part of it.

In between speakers we were slammed [and we do mean SLAMMED] by people dying to try Fire Tonic.  A special thanks to Meghann from Happy Green for managing the tsunami of fire heads who flooded our section of the summit space, many of whom were sporting #firetonicfaces not unlike some of these wellness known ones below ...


... received some incredible feedback and got our product into a LOT of hot little hands.

People who bought one bottle on Saturday came back for a 6 pack on Sunday and walked away safe in the knowledge that their healthy new addiction could be fed for a few weeks at least.

As far as first expo experiences go this was pretty epic!  We loved the enthusiasm, the passion and the curiosity of the crowd.  We had so many amazing conversations about food, recipes, gut health and [of course] poop! It was a no holds barred wellness extravaganza and our team loved every single minute of it.

Sunday saw a game of Fire Tonic Pong played onstage, and the aftermath was chaos!


The limited edition XXX Black Label flew off the shelves and into the hands of those who were feeling especially ballsy.

By the end of Sunday, the Hilbilby team was exhausted [in a good way].  Our bodies may have been weary but we were seriously pumped. A massive thanks to all of YOU for your support, feedback, encouragement and gratitude. It means the word to us and reminds us WHY we're doing this.  

When you give birth to a product with amazing health benefits, playful packaging and a serious dose of 'good juju', it can grow into something that our customers have literally referred to as 'Life Changing' and that is solid gold!