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Turmeric ... FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #3

T U R M E R i C  ... FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #3
You may have noticed your Insta feed flooded with shots of golden everything … golden mylk lattes, golden beer, golden fudge (yup!). Everybody from doctors to athletes and celebrities are spruiking the benefits of this root herb and with good reason!
In traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine this warming herb has been used to treat digestive and liver issues, inflammation, menstrual irregularities and skin conditions like eczema.
Western research is slowly catching up to what traditional cultures have known for a long time and preliminary clinical trials suggest that the active compound in turmeric – called curcumin - is a potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer agent.
We use fresh QLD grown turmeric [which along with QLD ginger is widely regarded as the best in the world] ... orange fingers are a dead giveaway that I've just batched up some fire tonic.

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RAW local honey  ... FiRE TONiC ® ingredient #2

RAW local honey ... FiRE TONiC ® ingredient #2

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