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Please store our raw living cultures in a cool place & refrigerate once open.

About Us


Meet Mark & Nicole ... founders of Fire Tonic™ and their four boys who make up this tight knit family business.

With well-being and life balance in mind, they chose to move to Torquay on the Victorian Surfcoast in late 2011.

Here, their health-first focus lead them to "experiferment" with raw cultured food & elixirs – where, as Mark puts it we caught the "healthy gut bug".

In a search for better food choices and with a "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" mantra, they discovered and soon started playing with, an ancient formula used by Hippocrates 2,500 years ago.

They played with this ACV tincture, refining the recipe into a life-affirming, punchy tonic, that seemed to "bulletproof" them and ultimately caught the eye of friends and family who starting asking if they could make enough to share with them.

This folk remedy is now leveled up to near perfection ... when it comes to immune support, soothing sore throats, aiding digestion, losing weight, regulating blood sugar, or just detoxifying the body ... this stuff really does do it all and more. 

In 2014 they began handcrafting this herbal infusion for commercial sale, under the name Hilbilby, a nickname given to Mark by a late friend and as they say in the classics, "the rest is history".

The first few years of production was done at home, where the hall way was fully loaded with demijohns and pales of Fire Tonic™. Now, they work out of Hilbilby HQ and are generally simply known by the name of their famous daily tonic.

When it comes to well-being, they continue to keep things simple and stick to what works. For the Hilbilbies, that’s a balanced life where they get outside every day and stay active.

"We appreciate what the natural world has freely supplied us, the ocean, the bush, our friends, family and pets, and we like to approach everything in moderation – including moderation ... we also believe in sharing the love, and empowering others to live a HOME FREE life."
- Mark and Nicole.

Watch their story on YouTube with Angie from Destination Happiness here and check them out on Facebook for videos and recipes, and feel free to share your own well-being go-to, tips and tricks.

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