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The Ancient Origins of Fire Tonic™

Oxymel, fire cider, four thieves vinegar: it’s been called a lot of names over the centuries. Our Fire Tonic™ recipe has been refined from the one that showed up 2,500 years ago, but we’ve only expanded on the benefits with more medicinal ingredients, an extra long steep and Mother of Vinegar base.

Long story short, if it’s survived this long, you know it’s good. The earliest mention of this amazing elixir is 400 BC, with the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, recorded as prescribing oxymel to patients.

Oxymel is a basic honey and vinegar recipe that continued to evolve. By medieval times, more herbs and medicinal vegetables had been added, for a tincture known as master tonic.

However, it would soon be renamed four thieves vinegar. There are a few versions of the legend behind this, but it seems to boil down to a group of thieves surviving the bubonic plague in the 15th century by taking the special elixir.

In the 20th century, it was still going strong, and traded as fire cider or honeygar. Now, 2,500 years after its first recorded appearance, it’s more potent and pure than ever as our tried-and-true Fire Tonic™, full of gut-loving bacteria and other raw ingredients that turbocharge the immunity, metabolism and vitality of sporting champions, singers, surfers and everyday health-lovers all over the world.


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