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Please store our raw living cultures in a cool place & refrigerate once open.

Caring for your Cultures & Keep'n it Cool!

Every bottle or jar of fermented food is a unique and complex living ecosystem, interacting with it's greater environment. With so many variables at play, these wondrous cultures can be hard to predict.

One thing we can do to promote consistency ... is KEEP iT COOL.

As a cultured food business we love supporting the drive towards healthier eating and the incorporation of fermented, living food into our diet.

Food like our FiRE TONiC, fermented mustard, along with kefirs, krauts and kimchis etc etc ... all undergo a unique fermentation process resulting in the proliferation of beneficial yeast and bacteria, which not only enhance their tangy flavour, but have many and varied health benefits.

These benefits are increasingly well recognized, however we often overlook how to best store cultured foods for optimal flavour, nutrition, freshness, preservation, health and safety.

Ironically, it's the same yeast & bacteria that make these living cultures so valuable, which also create this storage dilemma.

In this blog post, we will specifically explore the variable of temperature and the notable advantages and benefits of keeping living foods cool. This is particularly important in a country as climatically diverse as Australia.

Whilst FiRE TONiC is a robust, hard-to-kill fermented food, this one per-center can make a big difference, especially with open FiRE TONiC in warmer climates.  

The short story is that keeping fermented food cool is beneficial. Store in a cool dark place and refrigerate once open for best results.

Cultured Food in the Fridge


Why keep my FiRE TONiC cool?

Please note that the below principles apply to pretty much ALL cultured food.



    FiRE TONiC is highly valued for its health benefits and nutritional density. This Apple Cider Vinegar tincture with a living Mother Of Vinegar and 23 other real food ingredients, has a lot going on in every bottle.

    Storing FiRE TONiC in a cool place helps maintain the integrity of its beneficial living yeast and bacteria, preventing any heat degradation or over fermentation, thus prolonging its potency, vitality and effectiveness.



    Once opened, keep your FiRE TONiC in the fridge and it will taste as fresh as the day you opened it, preserving its unique zingy flavour and bite for years to come.



    Once opened, every time we use FiRE TONiC, the head [or empty] space in the bottle increases, the bigger the vessel, the bigger the head space.

    Warmer air and greater head space creates higher exposure, and increases the chance of oxidation, which can dull of the flavour and zest of your FiRE TONiC.



    Once open, refrigeration prevents continuous fermentation which can create CO2 pressure, and overflow or spillage.

    Cooler temperatures also create an inhospitable environment for other [potentially harmful] bacteria and moulds, minimizing the risk of contamination.

    Refrigeration can prevent any vinegary odour and reduce the attraction to fruit flies [in warmer climates].



    Whilst fermentation increases the lifespan of perishable food, storage at a lower temperature will further extend its functional life, and preserve its freshness and flavour.

    The cold temperature acts as a natural preservative, slowing down the metabolic activity of bacteria thus preventing them from multiplying too rapidly. This means you can enjoy your favorite cultured food for longer, reducing waste and saving money.

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