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We are so excited to share with you a preview of our new Bush Fire Tonic™. After been working on this for over 12 months, we cannot not wait for it to be available in winter 2022.

Bush Fire Tonic

Bush Fire Tonic™ is 100% Australian made, using 100% Australian ingredients including traditional local native botanicals; lemon myrtle, round-leaf bush mint, mountain pepperberry leaf and salt bush. These traditional medicinal herbs are a wonderful addition for both flavour and nutritional properties. We forage and grow these herbs locally. Below is a beautiful mountain pepperberry bush planted on our block in the Otways.

Mountain Pepper Berry

Bush Fire Tonic™ is approachable, both to the palate and the pocket. It has an appealing and refreshing [citrus-like] flavour, with no real heat to speak of, perfect for those who’d like a little less fire in their tonic.

A pleasure to drink, [either straight up or as a zingy mixer], this living, energizing elixir is packed with beneficial bacteria, raw local apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric and pure local honey.

Like our ‘PREMiUM’ range, Bush Fire Tonic™ is naturally refined-sugar-free with no additives. It is also a LOW-FODMAP-friendly option, without garlic, onion, chillies, or horseradish.

Bush Fire Tonic™ is the first product in our new ‘PRiMAL’ Fire Tonic™ range, and is great value at $13.95.

Our new Bush Fire Tonic™, is inspired by the Wadawurrung People's relationship with the land and 5% of ALL sales will go to Wadawurrung Traditional Owners.

The Bush Fire Tonic™ label is takes it's colour from the below piece of indigenous art by a local Wadawurrung artist.

Collecting Bush Tucker

Artwork: "Collecting Bush Tucker"
Artist: Billy-Jay Otoole Papul Art
Artist Description: Wadawurrung people for thousands of years lived a sustainable healthy life, living off their land and the resources Mother country provided. Living without greed or harm, and always respecting country and tradition.
Their historic knowledge regarding what plants and foods to eat for good health passed down from generation to generation, living a no greed and no harm philosophy, always caring for country and each other.
The coloured dots around the outside symbolize our inland country woodlands and mountains, the footprints leading in symbolize Wadawurrung people returning after collecting there traditional foods, medicines and fibers they would gather together.
The U shapes symbolize people gathering and sitting around in a circle.Traditionally when our people came together they would gather in circles, where everyone could be seen and heard gathering together.
The leaves represent healing and peace, the yellow and orange dots symbolize our ‘wiyn’ fire where they would cook up what they have collected from country.
B J O'Toole
Above is a picture of Mark [founder], collecting this meaningful and beautiful art-piece from Billy-Jay ... yes we loved it so much, we had to buy it!!!

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