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Bulletproof your throat with Fire Tonic™

Yep, drinking Fire Tonic™ is like bulletproofing your throat ... and from time to time, we all need a bit of that right?!?
That's why Indie Aussie Music legend Ziggy Alberts, visits Hilbilby HQ directly, to grab a slab of the good stuff in person before a sneaky wave of three with the locals.
Ziggy Alberts
Whether a singer, presenter, coach, teacher or parent ... if you use your voice extensively throughout the day, Fire Tonic™ will help reduce strain, niggles, crackles or general soreness ... that's just what it does.
When Sydney vocalist "Hambo" gave Fire Tonic™ a crack, the front man for eighties synth band VOXNEON, speaks of improved resonance, tone and range. He loves how durable it makes his voice when sustaining loud, high notes. Fire Tonic™ is now an essential part of his gig kit.
FUN FACT - a bottle of Fire Tonic™ fits perfectly into a SURE SM50 Microphone case.
"It helps me relax on the notes" he says "... and reduces the tendency to strain, so my performance sounds less forced and way more natural."
Australian singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts, swigs Vegan Fire Tonic™ on stage mid-concert, to keep his tonsils golden.

It's also used to line the pipes of other Australian singers, including Lee Kernaghan and Wes Carr.

Musicians who have met Jimmy Barnes cite apple cider vinegar, as one of the Aussie singer-songwriter’s go-tos, which he takes regularly to protect his vocal chords against the strain of belting out impassioned songs like Working Class Man.
According to Barnesy, you can damage your vocal chords by singing while dehydrated or tired, or if you don’t warm up properly, especially with a taxing schedule of rehearsal, performing, recording, interviewing etc etc.
Fire Tonic™ levels up the old apple cider vinegar remedy a degree or three, with 23 additional real food ingredients, each with its own specific benefits. The compound affect of apple cider vinegar with raw honey, turmeric, garlic, ginger & horseradish [just to name a few], is an potent antibacterial & anti-inflammatory elixir that breaks down mucus and stops bacteria spreading, reducing the likelihood of a throat infection or soreness. It really works!!!
Take it every day to keep your voice in tip-top condition, and top up at the first sign of a dry niggle. If game, let trickle slowly down the throat, coating and repairing as it goes, you’ll literally feel it working it's magic as it's absorbed.

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