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Festive Shrubs & Summer Sips

Whilst Shrubs and Switchels might seem like new kids on the drinks block, they were actually quite popular back in the 17th century. Now, these vinegar based drinks are enjoying a modern day resurgance as a tasty, healthy alternative to sugary sodas, juices and commercial kombuchas.

What is a Shrub?

A shrub refers to a mixed drink using a vinegar syrup ... or simply the base syrup itself, with the latter also being referred to as Drinking Vinegar

    What's Switchel?

    Switchel goes by many names including switchy, ginger-water & haymaker's punch. It's a traditional drink made from water mixed with vinegar, and fresh ginger ... then sweetened with molasses, honey or maple syrup.

    The good news is, we make both, unfiltered with the MOTHER of vinegar!

    If you drink clean this summer you can;

    • aid digestion
    • reduce bloating
    • limit spikes in blood sugar
    • recover better
    • increase your staying power

    Here are some easy options for your Christmas consideration.

    Raspberry Shrub

    Every little healthy substitute for something less healthy, is an incremental positive step, take enough steps and you just might find yourself getting through this festive season like a champ!

    Healthy Bar Hack - did you know that you can use Raspberry Shrub Syrup as a healthy [refined Sugar Free] Grenadine substitute?!?

    Here are some simple Raspberry Shrub options for you and your bar this festive season. Share with friends and family for maximum enjoyment.

    Raspberry Vodka

     Naughty - Russian Raspberry - [with alcohol]

    • 30ml Raspberry Shrub Syrup
    • 30ml White Spirit du jour
      • Vodka - Russian Raspberry  [pictured]
      • Bicardi - Rum 'n Raspberry
      • Ouzo - Jellybean Switch
    • 150ml Sparkling Soda Water
    • Ice
    • Garnish with Fresh Raspberries & Rosemary

    Top Tip - Because Raspberry Shrub Syrup contains a hint of fresh rosemary, stir [then garnish] with fresh rosemary to accentuate the flavour.

    Sparkling Raspberry Switchel

    Nice - [Non Alc] one for the whole family

    Sparkling Switchel using above recipe, substitute white spirits for good spirits and enjoy the refreshing family friendly version.

    Raspberry Sparkling Switchel can be subbed in for Shrub Syrup & Soda.

    Lemon Shrub

    Gin Switchie

    Naughty - Gin Switchy - [with alcohol]

    Lemon Switchel

    Nice - [Non Alc]

    Sparkling Switchel made using above recipe, substitute white spirits for good spirits and enjoy the refreshing family friendly version.

    Lemon Sparkling Switchel may also be subbed in for Shrub Syrup & Soda.

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