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Thyme ... FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #8

Thyme  ... FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #8

Thyme ... time ... this lot fresh from the Hilbilby kitchen garden. FIRE TONIC ® herb profile ... thyme.

Delicious and nutritious, thyme has both antibacterial and antifungal properties making it great for both internal and external use.
Research supports the benefits of thyme in treating acne, respiratory infections & lowering blood pressure. Thyme may also benefit your brain with it's aroma boosting neuron activity and mood. #firetonicthyme

Lemon ... FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #7

Lemon  ... FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #7
Lemon FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #7.
These organic home grown beauties are fresh off the tree. Aside from smelling great and tasting super refreshing, lemons have been traditionally used for everything from skin disorders, respiratory illnesses, high blood pressure, boosting the immune system, caring for teeth, removing stains from clothing and skin, making hair shiny and giving teenagers (from the 80s) cheap summer highlights. Clinical trials are currently being conducted into the role lemon may play in treating respiratory illnesses and, so far, the results look promising.

Horseradish ... FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #6

Horseradish  ... FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #6

Horseradish root ... FIRE TONIC ® ingredient #6

The list of what horseradish is purported to do is as long as your arm. It’s been used to treat UTI’s, respiratory and sinus infections, colic, nerve pain, coughs, gout, arthritis and, ahem, intestinal worms. Clinical trials also suggest it may be as effective as antibiotics in some cases, and it won’t wipe out your good gut bacteria in the process. Much of the fresh horseradish we use in fire tonic is grown at Hilbilby HQ, the rest is local.