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Please store our raw living cultures in a cool place & refrigerate once open.

Daily Fire Tonic™ Uses.

In this piece, we look at the various ways to take Fire Tonic™, when to take it and why it’s helpful.

Fire Tonic™ helps make the daily routine of taking apple cider vinegar [and all the well-known health benefits that come with it] a delicious ritual, rather than a chore.

There are endless ways to enjoy Fire Tonic™ here are just a few.


 Fire Tonic Neat

  • Neat, “for those who are game”. This is our founder Mark’s favourite. Shooting Fire Tonic™ neat creates an inner warmth and glow. As an early morning coffee alternative, it’ll help kickstart your metabolism and fire you up for the day ahead without that twitchy caffeine buzz.

    This is helpful prior any exercise esp. if surfing, skiing, swimming, or working outside on a cold day.  Our hot shot glasses and pourer can help you measure the perfect pour every time.


Sparkling Switchel


  • Add a dash to still or sparkling water for a functional digestive and pallet cleanser with meals. Between meals as a stand-alone refreshing drink, it’s a real treat on a hot day with ice & slice of lemon … maybe even muddle a little fresh mint in for good measure.


Fiery Tea


  • Our boys love to have Fire Tonic™ as a warm soothing tea before bed on nights where they’ve a throat niggle or are not feeling 100%.  Mrs Hilbilby, will add a bit of honey and a slice of lemon to this warming cup of goodness always poured with much love. If you’ve a job that requires you to talk, announce or sing … this will keep your tonsils in top order so that you can hit the high notes every time.


Jamu Jamu


  • Mrs Hilbilby also enjoys adding Fire Tonic™ to her daily green smoothie, juice, Jamu Jamu or beet kvass. It always adds a bit of punchy zest and gives these nutrition bombs an extra boost of nourishing flavour and warmth. Perfect for intermittent fasting or cleanse.

Green Smoothie


Fire Tonic™ is beneficial in different ways, at different times of the day, for different people.  We suggest you experiment with some of these ideas to best determine your requirements and preferences.

Our general recommendation is 5-15 ml of Fire Tonic as a daily health routine.  If you're feeling tired, sore, sluggish, or challenged you can up your intake to 3 times a day. From day one we’ve been flooded with reports of how Fire Tonic™ has helped our loyal customers.  We’re super confident that Fire Tonic™ will become a helpful part of your daily routine.

Other than drinking Fire Tonic™ daily as mentioned above there are many other ways to use Fire Tonic in your food preparation.  Simply substituting Fire Tonic™ for apple cider vinegar in most recipes will give them an extra boost of nutrition and flavour.  Salad dressings, bone broths, pickling, flavoured nuts and kale chips.

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Storage: please keep cool and refrigerate after opening.

Here are a couple more ideas / recipes where you can play with your Fire Tonic™.

Fiery Mango Mocktails & Cocktails

Fiery Home-made Mayo

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