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Perfect Pork Belly

[ P O R K ‘ B E L L Y ] get in my belly!!!

Perfect pork belly with secret (weapon) ingredient.

TEK [only 4 ingredients]



Score pork belly (1kg) to help render out fat layer

Rub in a good splash of Fire Tonic Original ACV+


Refrigerate for 24 hrs to draw out moisture

Top Tip - prop up low lying pork belly with scrunched up baking paper for a level top surface and an even cook.

Add olive oil & a little more salt to skin Cook at 150 deg C for 2hr 30min

Baste in own juice 1/2 way through cook

Add to air fryer tray with a touch more oil on skin

Air-fry for 30 min at 200 deg C or alternatively turn regular oven up to 240 deg C for 30-40 min

Top Tip - remove from oven before overly crunchy as skin will continue to dry and develop a crackle outside of the oven

Serve with tangy Asian slaw to cut through salt and fat. Notice there’s no solid fat layer directly under the skin, as it’s properly rendered out.


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