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Saucy Twins - So Hot Right Now - Fire Sauce x 2

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Saucy Twins - So Hot Right Now - Fire Sauce x 2

Saucy Twins - So Hot Right Now - Fire Sauce x 2

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Twice the Rumble for your Jungle for some double trouble or maybe one for you and one for a fiery friend.

Raw [Living] Hot Sauce - with the MOTHER of Vinegar

Includes 2 x Fire Sauce

Sustainable Sauce - This is what we do with all of the good stuff [roots, fruits, shoots, herbs & spices] once we rack off our Fire Tonic. It's a sustainable no waste method and de-bloody-licious ... delivering a beautiful acidic note and [as distinct from other hot sauces] heat from ginger, horseradish, turmeric, black peppercorns & chilli [as opposed to just chilli].

Perfect addition to any Vegan salad or slaw.

And for the non Vegans, a spoonful with cut through your bone broth and it's delish on White Fish, Chicken, Pork Sausage, Steak, Marinades & Egg.

Mix with mayo for a fiery aioli.

This 100% ALL natural shizz is Live - Raw - Paleo - 
Vegan - Free From - Unpasteurised - Unfiltered.

Wheat Free - Grain Free - Gluten Free -  Soy Free - Dairy Free - Sugar Free -  Nut Free - Additive Free - Preservative Free - Stabiliser Free - Emulsifier Free.

NB - because fire sauce is FREE from man made stabilisers, emulsifiers, gums and preservatives it is best kept in a cool dark place prior to opening and may separate. Refrigerate once opened and SHAKE well before each use, to ensure consistency.

Ingredients: Raw Unfiltered ACV w/ Mother of Vinegar, cayenne chillies, garlic, horseradish, ginger, carrot, celery, red onion, brown onion, apple, orange, lemon, habanero chilli, turmeric, mustard seed, parsley, rosemary, oregano, thyme, juniper berries, peppercorns, bay leaves, Szechuan pepper, arrowroot, blackstrap molasses & Himalayan pink mineral salt

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