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Switchy Uppy - Mixed Shrub - Pigeon Pair

Feel like some grown up Fizz, refined sugar free, crisp, dry & refreshing to the last drop?!?

1 x Lemon Ginger & 1 x Raspberry Switchel Shrub syrup.

I've always been an 'as well as' rather than an 'instead of' kinda guy, so this pack is for all you who are with me on that.

Comes in a dedicated twin gift box.

Our Refined SUGAR FREE shrub syrup is the perfect mixer / elixir for your bubbles without troubles ... perfect for the soda stream, healthy family fizz, or a sophisticated cocktail or mocktail.

Each full strength bottle can make over 3.5lt of fizz, or roughly 11 cans of Switchel.

Our ingredients including a hint of fresh rosemary are ALL NATURAL and ALL DELICIOUS!!

Now you can mix up your own Switchel at home, dial it up or down to your exact taste and "CRACK IT & CRUSH IT"!!

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