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Please store our raw living cultures in a cool place & refrigerate once open.

Festive Fizz

'Tis the season ...

... to get on it, but what is it?
Well it can be anything, naughty, nice, a bit of both or something in between. We've been busy making and curating something for everyone. Keep reading to discover our drinks for ALL OCCASiONS.


For years now we've been making our delicious clean, crisp, dry [and of course] refined SUGAR FREE Sparkling Switchels. For those wanting to spice it up a bit, Gin has always been the spirit of choice. So we've teamed up with our friends and neighbours at Flowstate Craft Gin and are bringing these two worlds together.

Our new HiGH SPiRiTED HAMPER in a box is the perfect combination of Sparkling Switchel, Shrub Syrups, Local Craft Gin and our hand made citrus wheel garnishes. Despite being technically naughty, we reckon this is still comparatively nice.



This is our bread and butter, whether straight from the can or using our Shrub Syrups with soda, our new hand made citrus garnishes will take your bevy to the next levy.

Raspberry Sour

Raspberry Sour Shrub

Moscow Muse

Virgin Moscow Mule
We hope that these inspire you to get creative this silly season and that you drink well, what ever that is for you
Loads more healthy and delicious recipes for summer sips, are available here.

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Hilbilby Hampers

Hilbilby Hampers

OlSons Honey

Ol'Sons Honey - 🐝 - from our son Lloyd!!!

My Left Hip

My Left Hip

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