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Please store our raw living cultures in a cool place & refrigerate once open.

Ol'Sons Honey - 🐝 - from our son Lloyd!!!

We are super proud to announce the release of Ol'sons pure, raw, unfiltered yellow box honey. This is a limited seasonal honey, direct from our favourite Bee Keeper & eldest son, Lloyd.

Lloyd Drill

Yellow Box [Eucalyptus melliodora] honey is a beautifully smooth, clear free flowing honey, with an aromatic, delicate flavour & has the lowest GI rating (35) of any Australian honey due to it's naturally high fructose content, which helps prevent it from crystalizing.

Lloyd has his hives in amongst the yellow box whilst in flower, wild harvests sustainably when ready, and then uses cold extraction for maximum nutritional value.

Ol'Sons is the culmination of years of work, starting from when Lloyd took off interstate to pursue his passion for Permaculture as a 17 yr, fresh out of yr 10.

Lloyd returned from a 10 week internship at Purple Pear Farm School with a real 'bee in his bonnet'. After attaining his Certificate in Permaculture, he continued to study and work at other inspiring farms like Zaytuna.

Later he moved on to work as a ringer [and sometimes camp cook] at various cattle stations in outback QLD [organic] and the NT.

After 'cross-pollinating' these past experiences, Lloyd channeled his efforts into becoming an Apiarist. He now relishes working with & studying such an integral part of a sustainable ecosystem and is a genuine bee lover as well as bee keeper.

We are so proud to be able to share the resultant liquid gold with you via our HiLBiLBEE online store. Just real honey in it's natural state, from Lloyd’s bees direct to you.

See below any honey combines perfectly with Original Fire Tonic for instant relief from a 'scratchy throat'.
BONUS - First 200 tubs are overfilled to 1.1Kg + ... so get in fast for 10% extra on us 😬.

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THANKYOU ... to our Traditional Owners

THANKYOU ... to our Traditional Owners

Caring for your Cultures & Keep'n it Cool!

Caring for your Cultures & Keep'n it Cool!

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