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Pine Mint Shrub

Pine Mint Shrub

A refreshing way to repurpose the pineapple juice, left in the bottom of a tin of pineapple rings after pizza night.

Whilst tempting to drink straight form the can, we can all do without the blood sugar spike, and can alternatively create enough of this refreshing shrub soda for the whole family to enjoy.

Simple TEK ... makes 1 full Soda Stream bottle

Pine Mint Shrub


~ 75ml pineapple juice [whatever's left in tin]

25ml Original Fire Tonic

Handful of Ice

6-8 fresh spearmint leaves

~ 800ml filtered or sparkling water

Optional Garnish

Lemon or Lime wedge


Carbonate 800ml [fizz] soda stream bottle of filtered water

Carefully pour in pineapple juice and Original Fire Tonic™ then tighten lid and refrigerate [this is the Shrub Soda].

1/2 fill glass with ice.

Add bruised or torn mint

Top up ice until 3/4 full

Garnish with wedge of lemon or lime [optional]

Pour Shrub Soda over ice and enjoy as a healthy refreshing alternative, to a sugary soft drink or juice on a hot day.

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